◯12 is a play on ancient myths and basic laws of nature

and references previous generations' understanding of the sun as the great life-maker.


◯12 is an episodic work consisting of 12x1 hours audio-visual meditations on the sun as a ritual point of view, 

with an hour of original music to be composed and released for each year over a period of 12 years. 

It's a work created for the big format.

Ideally, it will be experienced in cinema size and musical at concert volume

- such as experience installation at music festivals.

◯12 is intended as an antithesis of most concert or film experiences:

It's an invitation to lower the pace and adjust the breathing to the work's calm and regular pulse.


As a symbol of both individual and collective consciousness,

◯12 intend to inspire the individual to seek inner balance and peace 

in an continuous growth upwards towards the sun.