Musical Meditations

These Musical Meditation Invitations & Therapeutic Sonic Massages created with loving awareness are intended for Calm Relaxation, Deep Meditative Listening & Present Mindfulness.

They are specificly designed to help facilitate the optimal mind state (or no-mind state) for the body’s natural intelligence to work out any imbalances present in the body/mind/spirit complex we call “I”. 

To achieve this goal the music is utilising powerful bass drones tuned to/vibrating at, very specific frequencies also called Sacred Sonics.

These sound/energy waves effect the body as well as all other living matter in a number of profound ways.

In this set, the frequencies used will stimulate & recalibrate, heal & harmonise the 7 main energy vortexes in the body also known as Chakras.

In addition, some of the tracks also apply Brainwave Entrainment techniques, mainly Isochronic Tones to ease the listener into various desired states of mind, in this case the relaxed calm states of Alpha and Theta.  


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